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At freerangers we encourage feedback from our customers regarding our products, here are a few of the comments we have received:

Alex Belt

13.12.2018 Jonathan USA: " The one I have is The best vegan belt I've Ever owned" - thanks Jonathan

Refurbished Laurel Shoes

28.08.2018: ''Just wanted to say thanks for the refurbishing of my red laurel shoes last week. I'm delighted with the new soles which I think tone better with the red. The laces are a lovely colour as well. I really appreciate your hard work and ethical products. Your loyal customer,

Denim Sandals

28.07.2018: " I got my sandles today, I really love them, thank you, and especially getting them to me so fast! I'm a very happy vegan! Kay" - thank you Kay

Lena Sandals

24.07.2018 Mrs Turner: "Received her sandals and they're brilliant. Fit perfectly & so comfy!! She thought she'd let you know" - thank you Mrs Turner
Refurbished Shoes

Refurbished Shoes

25.05.2018: " Dear Freerangers. My refurbished graphite Laurel shoes returned home this morning - I looked at them closely, wondering whether you'd accidentally made me a new pair again, they look so perfect! MANY thanks. I want Freerangers to flourish . BEST wishes and thanks. Irene " - thank you Irene

Freerangers Watch Straps

Our Watch straps: Anna 20 Dec, 2017 "5 out of 5 stars . I love it!!! So soft!"

Our Products

Phillippa 20.11.2017: "I have a pair of black Mari boots and love them - I wear them so much that I thought a pair to alternate was in order, and I love the Ink Blue colour (I have a pair of your ankle boots too in that colour). I also love the new catalogue and will be back to order some shoes in the new year. Freerangers remain the most stylish and comfortable shoes and boots I have ever had the pleasure to wear - and my two satchels are still going strong after several years now. Thanks for all your care and work in producing vegan products of such fabulous quality and aesthetic appeal! Good wishes. Phillippa"

Our Satchels

18.10.2017: "Hi there, I just received the purple satchel and I love it. Thanks! Regards, Tanya"

Watch Straps

15.09.2017 "Hello, I received my watchstrap and it is perfect. I am really happy with it. Thanks.

Babs Shoes

Ceri 14.09.2017: "Just to let you know my shoes arrived on Monday and they are lovely, so thank you. Best wishes. "Ceri

Ladies Denim Loafers

Annabelle 05.09.2017: "I just received the denim loafers I ordered - thank you for sending them so quickly! They feel really comfortable and I shall enjoy wearing them. Thanks so much to Arvinder for making my shoes for me!"

Ash Sandals

24.07.2017: "Hiya Kate, I absolutely love my sandals! I attended a three day convention over the weekend, and except for bedtime they didn't come off my feet."
Fig Sandals

Fig Sandals

16.07.2017" Hi! My sandals arrived a few days ago, and I'm really happy with them. It's always a fright to order shoes online, but they fit me perfectly and are super comfortable! Thank you for all the help! Anna Denmark"

Explorer Shoes

29.06.2017: "I just received my sandals today and they are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very much for making vegan footwear and for making it in such a great quality and style.
This summer I will finally look and feel the way I like on my feet :) Thank you!
All the best. Anja. Denmark"


Refreshing service

01.06.2017: "My refurbished boots arrived today. They are fab! I wish I'd sent them to be done sooner. They actually fit me properly now! Thank you very much. " Sandra

Vegan Pouch

30.05.2017: "Dear Kate, Thank you very much for my vegan pouch which I received at the weekend. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for attaching the Freerangers label.''


Repair & Refurbishment Services

30.05.2017: ''I received my refurbished shoes this morning and they look very good. Thank you for accommodating my request about posting them back. I posted them to you just before I went on holiday for a fortnight wanting them back for a wedding I'm going to this Friday. Thank you again for the good service." - Lawrence


Alder Shoes

29.05.2017:" I was amazed at how quickly the shoes were made and arrived - thank you so much! They are VERY comfortable - no rubbed toes - and I am wearing them now. Every good wish to you all, and thanks again.'' Elisabeth

Repair Services

Gillian 03.05.2017: "Dear Freerangers. Just to say I received my repaired shoes yesterday and I am very pleased to have them returned. This is the first time I have used this service, and it will not be the last. I thought the service was rather expensive until I saw the result. I am delighted. Thank you. With all good wishes to the Team, Gillian."

Triangle Coin Purse

08.05.2017: "Dear Kate. I received my olive triangle coin purse on Saturday. Just to say I am very pleased with its excellent quality. With kind regards .Philip "

Ladies Denim Sandals

Michelle 27.04.2017: "Really really really comfy shoes!!!! My feet feel like they are walking on pillows whilst wearing these ?? They are well made too."

Brandi Boots in Purple Passion

17.04.2017: "I just wanted to let you know how much I love my purple 'bandi' boots. I get lots of people admiring them, especially at vegan events, so I tell everyone about freerangers, I think I have become an unofficial purple freerangers ambassador! Thanks to Jilly who made my boots and thanks to freeranges for making me a very happy purple vegan :) Kay"

Jasmin Sandals

11.04.2017:"I received my order yesterday and the Jasmin sandals are gorgeous! " Jackie

Acorn Rucksack

08.04.2017: "Dear Kate - just a quick note to say that I absolutely love my bag - it's been much admired and I have passed on your details. Many thanks! Hilly"

Kate Shoes

06.02.2017: "Hello Kate, I've just received my new Kate shoes. They are perfect! Kind regards,
Claire S.

Refurbished Shoes

12.12.2016: "Kate! A huge thankyou to you and all the team for my latest Freerangers ! They all feel and look fantastic and I am delighted with my first much loved shoes to be refurbished. They are as good as new and ready to do a few more miles! Thankyou all...
I cannot recommend Free rangers too highly and look forward to making future purchases.

A happy Christmas and a very successful 2017 to you all.

Many thanks again. Best Wishes, Helen "

Repair Services

20.01.2017: "Dear All at Freeranges, although especially Dorothy, Thank you so much for repairing my sandals and conker rucksack. I missed my rucksack soooooo much. Wonderful services as ever. With thanks. Gemma"
Our Watch Straps

Our Watch Straps

Rebekka: Gorgeous I bought a 20mm strap and connected an adapter to it then popped it on my Apple Watch. It's lovely. - 06.10.2016

Zara Bag

Cheryl 01.12.2016: "Just wanted to say thank you for my zara bag which i ordered in claret. I am very pleased with the bag. "

Mia Boots

03.10.2016 "Hi FRangers, I have rec'd my lovely Mia Boots! Thank you. I will be wearing them guilt free, proud and I'm getting some chunky socks to go with them. Kindest regards, Nicola xx Best Wishes!"

Miranda Shoes

10.10.2016 :"I have received my Miranda shoes and am very pleased with them. Thank you" , Maxine C.

Great Customer Service

26.09.2016: "Great customer service" - Joanna O.


Medium Size Vegan Satchel

12.09.2016: @FurnessGirl: "Got home from hols to note telling OH he has a parcel at post office. Turns out it’s my new @freerangersUK satchel. @FurnessGirl · Sep. 13 @FreerangersUK "I’m thrilled with it."


Our stuff never wears out

Patricia: 14.09.2016: "(...) it's my pleasure 'cos your stuff is great and never wears out, or at least not yet even after many years."

Jane Purple Laurel Shoes

11.08.2016: " Out and about on a damp Edinburgh day in my gorgeous new, purple Laurel shoes from @FreerangersUK SO comfy!"


18.08.2016: "Thank you so much for refurbishing my two pairs of shoes so expertly and returning them so speedily. They're as comfortable as ever and look very cheerful with their contrasting laces" - Angela Stacey.

Ash Sandals

"Dear Kate. Thanks for making a new pair of Ash Sandals. They're great. I've been wearing them ever since they arrived". - Hilary 15.06.2016

Summertime Shoes

07.06.2016 : "Hi Kate, Thanks for my shoes which arrived today. I love them!" - Heather

Sonia Shoes


Just received my shoes today!!! Soo happy! I knew they would be this good! Made all the better for being vegan and made in UK. thank you.

Thank you all so much, especially Samantha.

I'm gonna share on Facebook how happy I am but just wanted to email too!

Cheers! - Rusti 11.06.2016

Refurbished Old Shoes

03.06.2016: "I should have written this two weeks ago: thanks to whoever renovated my graphite shoes: they came back virtually as good as new, and sooner than expected. I shouldn't really be surprised because you've renovated shoes for me before, but it really is a marvellous, ecologically responsible service, much appreciated by people like me old enough to remember rationing and thus very reluctant to throw anything away.

Best wishes!

Irene Auerbach (Stevenage)"

We are Enthusiastic...

18.05.2016 "Dear Kate, Thank you. My bag has now arrived safely and is lovely. I am glad you think so too. I guess that having staff who are enthusiastic about what they make and sell is one of the reasons that Freerangers is a successful company. I shall be in touch again soon.
Best wishes, Veronica."


Denim Boots

03.05.2016: "Hi Kate, thank you for the lovely boots, they fit perfectly and I am very pleased with them. Thank you, Liz B."

Soft Shoes

Ms Holt 27.04.2016: "Loved how soft the shoes were!".

comfy shoes

My 3 pairs of shoes arrived last week, and so far I have only worn the Birch shoes.
They are, quite possibly, the most comfortable shoes i have ever won. R W Suffolk March 2014
The Explorer Shoes

The Explorer Shoes

Jane: "Wearing my wonderful handmade purple @FreerangersUK explorer sandals #vegan " 29.08.2015

Praise from South America

I just bought a Vegan Satchel from you.
This is the third item that I get from your wonderful store.
The first two are actually pair of shoes, and they are just great and I am very happy with them. I am also very happy with the great experience of buying from you. LAP Chile March 2014

Lovely Orange Laurel

I have now worn my new pair of shoes twice and I love them, thank you! Really comfy and I love the colour and no animal was harmed in the making of them, ace! It will take me a while but I will save up for another pair one day! FS Lincs March 2014

Refurbish works

I'm very pleased with the refurbishment of my shoes, thank you for doing it so nicely.
Cheers JL berks Feb 2014

Sporran to Slovenia

I would really like to thank you so much for my lovely Sporran! It is incredible and even a bit larger than is stated at your site, which pleases me even more. PP Slovenie Feb 2014

swedish happiness!

I justed wanted to let you know that i recieved the shoes the other day.
The shoes where very nice I am very happy with eveything.
Youre the best thank you! CL Sweden Feb 2014

Sunshine Shoes

My shoes and boots arrived this morning and as usual, I couldn't be happier! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable already. The citrus lorica is brighter and more beautiful than it looked in the catalogue. Even if the sun isn't shining, it will feel like summer to me!
Thanks again. CS Essex Feb 2014

Jaunty Alder shoes

Many thanks for my Alder shoes received yesterday - extremely comfortable, and very jaunty with the red laces - I appreciate that. MH Wirral Jan 2014

Fabulous Mari Boots

My boots arrived yesterday and they are fabulous. Have tried them on briefly and they fit very well - but they have to go away now for Christmas so I shall have to wait a few weeks before taking them out and showing them off.

Even my husband, who is not known for his great enthusiasm about footwear in general, was full of admiration when he saw them - he loves the tartan ribbons!

Thanks for another great product. Can't wait for Christmas now so I can wear them! PB Northants Nov2013

Walking on air!

I am very intolerant of consuming animal flesh, and Freerangers products are like walking on air! LD Cornwall Oct 2013

Bespoke Bike Pannier Straps

They arrived today and are great. Lovely and supple. My bike panniers look so smart! DS Scotland Sept 2013

Fabulous Satchel

Many thanks. My satchel arrived safely and I am very pleased with it and look forward to taking it to work tomorrow. Regards RC Surrey Sept 2013

Wonderful refurbishing

Thank you for the wonderful refurbishment service, my shoes came back like new!! Most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Thank you. JW Staffs Sept 2013

Thumbs up for our refurbishing service!

Thank you very much for making such a good job of refurbishing my shoes; what a lovely idea to renew them when the tops are too good to throw them out. I am delighted to receive them as good as new and will be sending another pair in a few weeks. PB Bucks Aug 2013

Almost like new!

Just to say belated thanks for refurbishing my Harry shoes so quickly. They are, as advertised, almost as good as new. LP Tyneside July 2013

Lovely things!

Thank you so much for my purse, phone case and coin purse. Ilove them. GM Wilts July 2013

Take the plunge!

Just to say a thankyou to all for my latest consignment of footwear! The Ash and Cherry sandals arrived when Summer finally appeared and the star print looks really snazzy! The Cherry sandal has passed all tests with flying colours and is wonderfully light and comfortable, as are the Beech shoes!
I can only recommend that anyone considering trying your shoes takes the plunge as I did last Winter...your feet will really appreciate it! I also love the Conker rucksack too.

Thankyou to all the elves and looking forward to placing a further order for your wonderful shoes in due course! HT Shropshire July 2013

Perfect shoes!

Just to let you know that I received your shoes and I'm very happy with them. They're are wonderful! Perfect fit and so soft. Thank you. EG hereford June 2013

Wow - a very happy pixie

I’d like to say how impressed I have been with everything about my first purchase from Freerangers. The customer service is second to none and the quality of shoemaking is impeccable and great value. I will definitely be ordering from you in the near future as the Ash sandals are extremely comfortable and I’ve already had compliments about them and enquiries about your range of products from my family even though they are not vegetarian/vegan.
SE Dorset May 2013


Praise from Becky!

My dear Freerangers, you are all wonderful. Thank you endlessly for the beautiful shoes you created for me; my feet are happy as is my heart.... Your vegan footware is second to none - exquisitely crafted, I thank you all so much X BT Dorset May 2013

Mari boots

Hi to all the team at Freerangers,
My Mari boots arrived today, perfect as usual, I can't wait to wear them. It isn't quite winter here yet but I reckon that I won't be able to wait too long to wear my new boots, this Saturday will be the day I think, when I go into Wellington.
Special thanks to Jilly who made them. MJ New Zealand April 2013

Purse is a hit!

Thank you for the Scarlet Purse - am very pleased indeed with it. MW Wales Jan 2013

this brightened the day!

Sitting at home with laryngitis and a rotten cold feeling really sorry for mysef, then my shoes came home today. They look brand new again.
Thank you for cheering me up. HP Surrey April 2013


We like this one!

Freerangers are exceptionally professional people who are excellent in what they do, whoe are relaible and who go the extra mile to make a customer happy. They are also very approachable, very down to earth (they are going to like this!) andvery funny. I can highly recommend Freerangers! MJ Ireland Dec 2012

Snazzy shoes

Thank you very much indeed for my lovely, snazzy, comfortable and most of all cruelty free shoes. I wore them for the first time on Saturday to go to our Green Party Winter Warmer Party - and they were brilliant for dancing in, and were very comfortable all evening with not a single sign of rubbing - fantastic. From an ecstatic new customer. KV Warks Dec 2012

Christening debut for Dorothy shoes

Hello Jill !
Just to say a big thankyou for my gorgeous boots, shoes and bag which safely arrived this morning...alll beautifully packed. I am absolutely delighted and please pass my thanks especially to Dorothy and Samantha who have made them so skilfully. I am wearing the boots now just for the pleasure of it and the Dorothy shoe may make a public appearance at our first grandchilds christening next month!

I am so pleased I will be placing further orders. Best Wishes, Helen HT Dec 2012

Lovely Brogue Boots

Apologies for slight delay in sending this message - but I've been meaning to say how fantastic my new Brogue boots are and how delighted I am with them. They're well-made, stylish and eye-catching as well as being vegan-friendly - what more could anyone ask?!

Thank you very much - and I look forward to ordering some of those wonderful shoes with dots on in the new year! PB Northants Nov2012


Praise for our refurbishing service

Just to say a big thank you for my shoes, which arrived back last week, and are as good as new. This is a great service thanks again. Yours CR Nov 2012


special watchstrap

Dear Brian and everybody at Freerangers, My little short watch strap arrived today, and it is absolutely perfect! For the first time in my life I have a watchstrap that fits
and does not have a couple of inches extra sticking out or trying to go
round my wrist twice.... Cheque for the amount you requested is on
the way. I will certainly recommend you! Many many thanks. CM Oct 12

Mary Jane shoes

Thank you so much for the Mary Jane shoes. They are perfect. I am happily wearing them as I write. MG London Oct 2012

Priase for Tor boots

Thank you very much for my black Tor boots. They are smart and very comfortable. Thank Samantha very much for the skill, care and effort it must have taken to achieve so accurate a fit. CL Devon Sept 2012

Hugs from Chile

Hi Jill, I just received the great shoes!

Big hug and thanks for everything! L P Chille Sept 2012


Star shoes are stars!

I am absolutely thrilled with my star shoes, which are much admired and hardly ever off my feet, such is the comfort and perfect fit. I’ll be choosing more shoes in the near future. My bag is the best ever! CMc Sussex Sept 2012



Thank you for doing such an excellent job on refurbishing my laurel shoes, I've not been able to wear them for a year because I kept forgetting to send them to you and, even though I've got 3 other pairs (in different colours!) I've really missed these. It was a Cinderella moment when I got to put them back on again! SSP Cheshire Sept 2012


A Fan from Germany!

I'm still having immense pleasure and comfort from the 5 pairs of shoes/sandals I ordered last year and having just taken a look at your website catalogue again would like to make another order. Oh by the way, yet again someone in Düsseldorf asked me on the weekend, where I had acquired the red satchel - it is still an eyecatcher after a year's use!TU Germany Sept 2012

Beautiful shoes!

Jill, My Star shoes arrived today and they are truly beautiful. Lyman thought also that they are very pretty. Plus, of course they fit like a dream and so comfortable. Thanks so much to you and to Lilian! R A USA Aug 2012


Delightful daisy print!

Thank you for the sandals - they're gorgeous! C C Kent Aug 2012

the friend missed out!

Thank you for my two coin purses - one was for a friend but I like them so much that I shall be keeping them both for myself. Will definately be ordering from you aghain. Love the quality and knowing they are animal friendly. CW W Mids July 2012

summer is here for one happy customer!

My Ash Daisy Print sandals arrived just as the sun did! Absolutley love these shoes. They remind me of my childhood summer sandals. Looking forward to buying more shoes from Freerangers. AF Yorks July 2012


Another happy customer!

Thank you for the shoes that arrived on Saturday, as every with Freerangers the quality and fit are both excellent!! RO Wilts June 2012

Problem solved!

Thanks for repairing my purse. It's even better now! CW Kent June 2012

Thanks to Elf!

Just had to say received my Kate shoes few days ago, bliss! like walking on clouds and so soft ,thank you Lilian, my own hand sewing elf. SM Cornwall May 2012

Itallian fan

I just only want to confirm that this morning I received my shoes from you .
I really like them very much. In the coming days I'll send you a new order. I'm preaty busy in the office right now, as soon as I'll find 2 minutes for me, I'll see again yr. catalogue and will send my order to you - thanks. IO Italy April 2012

Sandals caused the rain!

My 'Brook' and 'Birch' arrived today and I had to admit to the postman I had scuppered the weather by ordering sandals! I took them with me when I visited a friend and she was very impressed with the workmanship and the comfort. She didn't believe you have elves until I showed her the Spring break message. Please thank my elf, Irene, they are beautiful and fit perfectly, roll on sunshine so I can show them off. Kind regards HP April 2012


Praise for Dorothy

Wonderful satchel again - thank you! (And thanks to Dorothy who has made both my Lorica satchels now.) PB April 2012

Satchel scores a hit!

Many thanks Jill I love my red satchel so much that I decided I needed a blue one too! PB Northants Mar 2012


A big thankyou

Just to say a huge thank you for my lovely new shoes that have been received safely. I can't wait to wear them, and they are so comfortable! DS London


The Satchel is a hit!

Love the satchel! GM Wilts Jan 2012

Smart Scout

Many thanks for my son's Scouts belt - and please pass on my thanks to the elves for our xmas card! JH W Yorks Jan 2012


Love my Mari boots

A friend recently admired the Mari laced up long boots I just bought from you and would like a catalogue. The boots are great to wear! WM Norfolk Jan 12

wow - a delighted customer!

I’m writing to say thank you for my wonderful Lorica satchel, and for sending it so quickly. My husband ordered this for me in mid-December and we knew we would be lucky to get it by Christmas as we’d ordered rather late, but it was indeed ready and sent to us in good time for him to wrap it and put it under the tree! The satchel itself is fantastic – please pass on my thanks to Dorothy who made this particular one – and has already been put to good use. In addition it has drawn admiring comments from my students and colleagues who I’ve told to visit your website.

As a vegan it is so hard to find suitable work/leisure bags that are animal-friendly at the best of times – so to find something as stylish and well-made as this satchel is a real joy. I loved looking through your catalogue and will definitely be back to buy some shoes in the near future. Also, please please keep making the Lorica satchel as I rather fancy another one (in ink blue with red trim perhaps next time) for my birthday in April! PB Northants Jan 12


Christmas sorted!



A special order

The package arrived the other day, love both the shos and the satchel, thanks for making the special order! V O Germany Nov 2011

Tanya again

Sorry, forgot to mention, the shoes arrived the week before last, look great and fit well, greetings to all at Freeranger, thank-you! TU Germany Oct 2011

Sarah loves her shoes!

Thank you for my black Laurel lace ups they are SO comfy - I'm so pleased I'm ordering a Denim Suable pair! SF London Oct 2011

a delighted customer

There's only one thing I don't understand: why your firm isn't better known - that degree of service, like keeping records of customers' previous purchases, that superb refurbishing service, quick replies ... quite apart from the quality of your shoes. I A Herts Sept 2011

A longstanding fan of our footwear says

Thank you for this order everyone, and for all the footwear I have ordered over the years, especially this year! They are all superb quality, and look really good. Best Wishes, V J Dorset Aug 2011

Pixie fan

Please tell the pixies that I love my new purple boots and I have had so many compliments from others. GM Wilts Aug 2011

Tanya from Germany says

The shoes have been delivered and all fit perfectly. Wonderful. Great to have such beautiful things to wear on holiday. Wish you and all at Freerangers all the best. I'll definitely be in touch for more in the future. TU Germany August 2011

Agnes loves her shoes!

Absolutely lovely shoes. Thank you. AS Herts Aug 2011


another happy customer says:

My purse arrived this morning and it's perfect! Seriously, this is the purse I have been searching for for years! Please thank Dorothy for making it with such skill. CA Essex June 2011

Zahra from Germany says

I got my new Bab's Shoes yesterday and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm really pleased with them. They are unbelievably comfortable - like putting on a comfy pair of slippers! And very breathable too. ZT GermanyJune 2010

BdeV W Mids 23.04.2011

Thank you so much! The accordion straps are great and very comfortable. You did a brilliant job!

MN W Yorks 22.04.2011

My beautiful Molly bag arrived Wednesday. It's fantastic not too big or small.

SP Derbyshire 02.11.2010

I've just received my lovely shoes back that you have refurbished. Just as promised, they are like new. I'm so pleased. Your shoes are real value for money and your service first class. Thank you so much.

R USA 31.08.2010

Both our shoes are a perfect fit and exactly what we desired,besides being as comfortable as clouds on our feet. My husband thought I was eggagerating, but now he understands what I said was true! Thank you.

MD 09.08.2010

'Many thanks for the two 'NEW' pairs of shoes today. You call them reburbished, I call em new! As you saw I got good wear from them!!!'

MD Wales 20.07.2010

Thank you very much for the bespoke hair slide - now I can proudly admit to wearing no dead animal whatsoever.

EE Germany 19.07.2010

Sandals arrived today. I'm very happy qwith them. Many thanks for the excellent work and quick delivery.

PA 25.06.2010

'I thought I'd let you know how delighted I am with the Sunflower bag and Fig sandals. They are both so beautiful and colourful. The wave belt and lovely purple watchstrap I am also very, very happy with. Thanks to you all for your wonderful work.'

RO 29.04.2010

'I've now had my Ross boots for 6 months, they have proved to be very light and comfortable to wear even after a day of walking around London. I find them smart enough for the office but casual enough to wear with jeans. Thank you for another great pair of shoes!.

N I Yorks 22.03.2010

'Just to let you know I received my shoes. the fit is great, they are very comfortable. Thank you.'

I A Herts 08.03.2010

'Many thanks for the two pairs which arrived last week. The shoes fit perfectly and look delightful, and knowing they were specially made for me adds spice.'

VR Kent 11.03.2010

'My Babs shoes have arrived and they are almost too nice to wear!'

CL Yorks 06.04.2010

'Received my Ash sandals and am very pleased with them. They're very comfy and soft.'

MR Glos

I recently bought a pair of Becky Biker boots and they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever bought:)

JW Jersey

'The service you have given me is second to none and I am so pleased I found you.'

AH West Sussex

'Thank you so much for my hand bag, for the first time ever, I have got matching bag and shoes!'

YA Norfolk

'Thank you for a wonderful repair - the shoes look like new. Great service.'

SL Herts

Dear Staff I just wanted to thank you very much for my last order - Mary Jane and Beech specially in White. They are lovely.'

GG Dorset

'My shoes are still in daily use, as good as new and comfortable as ever!'


'Just picked up my parcel at the Post Office. They are perfect! Please tell Irene Thank you very much!'

DP Hants

'Received safely one pair of Laurel shoes. They are the best, so comfortable. Thank Dorothy for the wonderful sewing job - perfect. Love & warm wishes.'

MH Guernsey

'Many thanks for my new Fig sandals which just arrived. As usual they feel like slippers from the word go and I love the new blue colour.'

Paula Marley

"Wow what an amazing piece of footwear the Fig Sandal is. I wore them every day for a fortnight in the heat of Italy, walking for hours and they were so comfortable.
Brilliant. Thank you for making them."

The Laurel Shoes

I Choose What I Use Retweeted Freerangers Vegan

"Love the Laurel shoes, got 4 pairs! :-) " 06.08.2015


Babs Shoes

"Thank you for sending my order, the shoes arrived today. Both shoes fit really well, thanks for enlarging the Bab's shoes for me. I am looking forward to wearing the sandal's next year." Lydia 24.11.2015