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Half Sandal

Half Sandal

Ref: FR547R

Our NEW sandals for ladies.

So summery, so light, so breezy - you will not want to take them off your feet.

The one presented on the photograph are made in Nut Brown Lorica with matching dark brown buckles and brown soles.

You can specify the colour of micro fiber, colour of the buckles (nickel or dark brown) and the colour of the soles (brown, cream or black).

The fronts are moved back a little bit to wrap your feet nicely just at the 3/4 length.

Fitted with padded insoles these will be your best friends for summer.

What I'm Made of:Upper - Lorica Sole - Polyurethane Thread - Polyester Tag - Polyester Insole - Coagulated PU covering latex foam and insole board Glue - F1

Price : 58.00

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